Oriental Trumpet Concertos - CD Cover

Gábor Boldoczki:

“With my new album “Oriental Trumpet Concertos” I should like you to join me in exploring the world of contemporary music. I am inviting listeners to accompany me on an exciting voyage of discovery that encompasses the fascinating sound worlds of Krzysztof Penderecki, Fazil Say, Alexander Arutiunian and Aram I Khachaturian. It is a special honour for me to be able to record for Sony Classical and to perform the works dedicated to me: the Concertino by Krzysztof Penderecki as well as the Trumpet concerto by Fazil Say.”

Official CD release: 12 September, Konzerthaus Vienna

2016 December 11
USA, New York
2016 December 13
USA, New York
2016 December 30
Switzerland, Luzern
Sergei Nakariakov, Cappella Gabetta
2016 December 31
Switzerland, Riehen
Sergei Nakariakov, Cappella Gabetta

"Hungarian virtuose Boldoczki is aptly demonstrating with his new CD how noble Bach sounds on a noble brass."
(Spiegel Online)

"With his new CD Boldoczki demonstrates again his exceptional ability of mastering his instrument. The detailed and often rather cunning embellishments are always perfectly in tune."

"The charming performance of the three concertos has been eased by recently made, exquisite adapdations of two well-known arias and chorals. What makes Boldoczki’s playing so fascinating is his combination of rhetorical clarity and pure vocality, and the accompanying Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra leaves us with no further desire."
(Crescendo, 10/11 2010)

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