Tromba Veneziana - CD Cover

Tromba Veneziana – Tour 2014/2015

On this CD the composer Antonio Vivaldi takes center stage. As Vivaldi composed solely one double concerto for trumpet an intense research for repertoire for possible arrangements followed.

Gábor Boldoczki describes it as a “very thrilling challenge to “sing” Vivaldi´s varicolored fine differentiated music on the trumpet. His works provide lots of space for individual flourish. To me it was important to not only perform with virtuosity but above all to express the multifaceted musical varieties.”

First impressions of the works specifically arranged for trumpet can be experienced from the video from Venice.

2016 September 12
Austria, Vienna, Konzerthaus
Jurek Dybał, Sinfonietta Cracovia
2016 September 15
Austria, Eisenstadt
Sergei Nakariakov, Prague Philharmonia
2016 September 24
Germany, Bad Wörishofen
Fazil Say, Kammerorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
2016 October 06
Czech Republic, Ostrava
Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava
2016 October 07
Czech Republic, Ostrava
Janáčkova filharmonie Ostrava

"Hungarian virtuose Boldoczki is aptly demonstrating with his new CD how noble Bach sounds on a noble brass."
(Spiegel Online)

"With his new CD Boldoczki demonstrates again his exceptional ability of mastering his instrument. The detailed and often rather cunning embellishments are always perfectly in tune."

"The charming performance of the three concertos has been eased by recently made, exquisite adapdations of two well-known arias and chorals. What makes Boldoczki’s playing so fascinating is his combination of rhetorical clarity and pure vocality, and the accompanying Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra leaves us with no further desire."
(Crescendo, 10/11 2010)

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